3dcart Jet-Integration Documentation :: How to Sell on Jet.com


Jet 3Dcart Integration app by CedCommerce synchronizes 3Dcart Store with jet. With the help of APIs provided by jet, the app creates a channel facilitating the synchronization of product inventory and orders, updating product's information and helps you manage the products from your 3dcart store itself.


Please follow few steps for adding Jet-Integration app to your store.

For installing Jet 3Dcart Integration app, visit Jet 3Dcart Integration & click on "I want this App" option.

Live API

This will redirect you to the Cedcommerce site. Then click on "Add to Cart" button and ten click on the cart to continue the process. (The app will ask permission for approving the data access of their 3dcart stores using API).

Live API A) Adding Jet-Integration Module

  • Click on Modules on the left panel.
  • Type Rest on the search option within the modules.
  • Click on Change Setting
  • Live API

    Rest API app page will appear. There is field for Public key, fill the public key that you had got through the mail. And then click on ADD button. to integrate the app with your store.

    Live API

    Login to your app

    After complete all the above steps you need to click on Jet 3Dcart App to start the configuration of the app.

    Registration Note: Remember the shop url and email that you will enter as it will be required every time when you will login to the app.

    Jet Configuration Setup

    To successfully integrate your 3dcart Store with Jet.com and start selling, few settings are required to be configured.


    This is the first step after installation of the app. The basic information like your NAME, CONTACT, EMAIL is already filled in that particular section. You just need to choose your shipping source and from where you had heard about us. Then just choose an option that you agree to our terms and conditions. Click next to move on to the next step.


    Test Api Details

    The Jet Integration app configuration process begins with entering the set of API’s – exactly four; API User, Secret Key, Merchant ID & Fulfillment Node Id – which you got from Jet.com into Test Api Setup panel. To get API keys you must have a partner panel on Jet. Just login in your account and get details.

    Test API

    And how to get APIs, let’s see:

    • 1. First, you need to login into your partner.jet.com account

    • 2. Now that you’re logged in,

      Click API (Here you can get 3 (of 4 required) IDs – API User, Secret & Merchant ID)> Copy the IDs> Paste them onto Test Api Setup panel.

    • 3. It’s the time for 4th ID – Fulfillment Node ID.

      To get this, Click Fulfillment Node ID > Copy the code > Paste it onto Test Api Setup panel

    Live Api Details

    • In this Step, you are required to get the LIVE API DETAILS, and PASTE them onto Live Api Setup Panel.

      Live API

    • To do this:

      Click at DASHBOARD (on Jet partner panel). Here you get API User, Secret, and Merchant ID.

      Copy (them) > Paste them on Cedcommerce Live Api Setup Panel > And, Click Next

    Note: Now that you’ve integrated your 3dcart store with Jet.com, you need to import product from your store to the Cedcommerce Jet Integration app.

    Product Import Section

    This step enables you to import products to your Jet integration app.

    Live API

    All products: It enables you to import all the 3dcart store products in the app.

    A. Haven't defined Product types for your store products ?!

    i). login to your 3dcart store and visit product section then click the products which you want to define product types for

    ii). Too long, Right?! No problem,
    You can define all product types at once with bulk product edit.

    Visit product section > Select All Products > Click Edit Products > Click Add Fields > Select Product type

  • . Products Ready To import = Total Products - Products not having SKU

  • After choosing your option ALL PRODUCTS

    Click Start Import

    Import Products

    Jet Category Mapping

    Correct category mapping is very important so that he/she find the relevant product in respective category. Jet maps product in category and then subcategory. It means-

    The chances of getting order increases if you have mapped your product in correct category.
    1) Just map your products and then click on NEXT.
    2) After submittion you will proceed to next step

    Category Mapping

    Jet Attribute Mapping

    Choose jet attributes that you want to map with your product variant options. If you have variant products in your store you need to perform ATTRIBUTE MAPPING Variant Products mean, products having various attributes like color, size, metal etc.

    For example take Engagement Ring as a 3dcart product type :

    Now, in order to transfer correct information of your products on jet, you need to map jet attributes with your product variant options (attributes) . Like-
    Map "Size-Free Text" attribute of jet with "Size" variant option of your engagement ring (product type) and jet's "Color" with engagement ring's "Color".

    Attribute Mapping


    Your homepage will show you each and every detail of your products and orders. We provide real time synchronisation So whenever you will perform any change, it will be shown on your dashboard at the same moment. Your dashboard will provide you following information- Dashboard

    1. It will show you the progress in your revenue
    2. Information about your products status
    3. Information you about your orders
    4. Gies you the update of Latest features of the app
    5. Updates you about your inventory

    We provide various options so that you can contact us easily and always keep in touch with us.

    1. You can submit your issue via ticket.
    2. You can schedule a call.
    3. You can send us mail.
    4. You can add on SKYPE with us.
    Our support is 24*7 available to handle your query.


    This is one of the most important section of the app. With the help of this section merchant would be able to upload his products and edit the product information if required. This section provides complete product management.

    Map Category

    Map the products in correct category so that they can sell more.

    Whenever customer will search any product on jet it will be shown within some category. So correct category mapping is very important so that he/she find the relevant product in respective category. Jet maps product in category and then subcategory. It means-

    The chances of getting order increases if you have mapped your product in correct category.

    Map Category

    1) Just map your products and then click on SUBMIT.
    2) After submittion you will redirect to manage products section.


    You can search product on jet and then find correct category to map your products.
    It will be shown that Jet Categories are mapped successfully with Product Type.

    Manage Product

    This is the most important section. With the help of this section you will be able to upload your products, edit your products and many more. Here, you can see all the details about your products also you can edit them.

    You have various option in this section-
    1. Import New Products- Just click on this option and all the newly created products on the store will be imported to the app.

    2. Select and Sync Product(s)- When you click on this button a popup will appear containing the options tht you want to sync from your store.
    3. Sync Status(s)- It will update the status of your products according to the jet status.
    Manage Product

    Some improtant points

    1. All the products that have valid SKU(s) will be retrieved from 3dcart store. If there is any product with no SKU, it will be not listed on Jet 3dcart app.
    2. Each variant must have unique SKU for every product. If any product have duplicate SKU, then it might be conflicting SKU at the product upload time.
    3. To upload any products on Jet.com, products must have either Barcode (UPC, ISBN-10,GTIN-14,ISBN-13) or ASIN or MPN(mfr part number) with it. You can add or Update the Barcode(UPC, ISBN-10,ISBN-13,GTIN-14) from 3dcart admin panel’s product section.
    4. If any merchant has ASIN then he/she can enter ASIN for each product on EDIT from app panel.
    5. Each product must have positive inventory quantity of products. If the product quantity is negative or zero then products will not be uploaded on Jet.com
    6. Product price must be assigned to each product. You can update product price by admin panel of 3dcart.


    In this section you are able to update your product's detail through a csv. You just need to perform 3 steps-

    1. Export the CSV of products
    2. Perform changes
    3. Import updated CSV

    Product Update

    If you want to perform any changes in your product's detail like you want to update price of products, inventory of products, barcode of products or any onther detail, you can do with this option.

    First Export the csv file from Jet-
    1. Just select the attributes you want to update in your csv and then click on EXPORT.
    2. A csv of products with attributes you have selected, will be download on your system. You just need to update the information and then save it.
    import-export Import the csv file on jet-
    1. Just go to same option Listing On Jet
    2. Browse your updated file and then click on IMPORT

    Your updated file would be successfully uploaded on jet.

    Product Archive/Unarchive

    You must aware about terms ARCHIVE and UNARCHIVE

    1. Archive- When you mark your product as Archive, it means it will not be published on Jet. If you don't want to sell your products then you need to archive them.
    2. Unarchive- If you want to again sell your products on jet,just Unarchive your products which has been archived previously.
    Archive_Unarchive With the help of this option you are able to Archive or Unarchive your products in bulk through csv.

    To Archive your products-

    1. Go to Import csv to Archive products
    2. Browse the file (you can download the sample csv file from jet partner panel)
    3. In this file, put the sku of those products you want to archive on jet
    4. Click on Submit
    It will show you message that you had made changes successfully.

    In the same way if you want to unarchive your products-

    1. Go to Import csv to Unarchive products
    2. Browse the file (you can download the sample csv file from jet partner panel)
    3. In this file, put the sku of those products you want to unarchive on jet
    4. Click on Submit
    It will also show you message that you had performed changes successfully.

    Listing on jet

    This option provides you the list of those products which are listed on jet. It also provides you the status of those products and also gives you the facility to prform different actions on those products. Listing on jet

    1. Export selected sku's csv- You can export the csv of selected skus that you need.
    2. Products uploaded from other API provider- You can export the csv of those products which are uploaded by some other app or API provider
    3. Export all SKU csv- You can export the csv of each product.


    Here you will get the information about your orders. Note: Only the READY state orders will be imported onto Jet 3dcart Integration app.

    If any new orders are created on Jet.com, they are instantly fetched by our app. Same order is generated for the 3dcart store for merchants, to view details and fulfill them easily in their native order processing system.
    To view all the imported orders from our app.

    Sales Orders

    Jet orders can be viewed under Sales Order . To check order details,

    Sales Order You can also export csv file of your orders from here.

    Failed Orders

    All the failed orders can be viewed from here. If you are not able to complete your order, it will be listed on Failed Order Section.
    The reason that why the orders is showing under failed order is also showen here.

    Two main reasons why an orders go under failed order section are :
    1. You do not have the inventory for that product in our 3dcart store.
    2. You do not have that product SKU in your 3dcart store.

    Failed Order


    1. Continuous cancellation of orders can be a reason to declare you as bad merchant and because of this your shop will be unauthorised by Jet
    2. We don't fetch orders of those products whose sku are not available on our app.
    3. If you have earned some revenue and your trail has been expired, in this case you need to purchase our app otherwise we could not be able to fetch your orders

    Return Orders

    If the customer is not satisfy with the product, in this case he can return the product. For this he need to cantact with jet. Jet returns can be viewed in return order area of the app. click Orders ->Return Order
    Here all the returns are listed. Return Order Here you can see 3 status-

    1. Created -the return is created on jet
    2. Inprogress- Processing on return
    3. Complete by merchant- Accepted by jet

    Refund Orders

    If the customer is not satisfy from the product he can also contact directly to merchant.Jet refunds can be viewed in refund order area of the app. Click Orders ->Refund Order
    Here all the refunds are listed. Refund Order

    Call Schedule

    Now you can schedule a call for us according to your convenient time and we will call you at the same time. You just need to perform following steps-

    1. Click on the call icon
    2. Live API
    3. Provide us your number and date and choose a time slot at which you want a call from us.
    4. Click on Request a call-back.
    5. Live API
    This will be according to your choice and also we will be always there to help you.


    With the help of this section you are able to adjust the settings of your panel. Also you can see the details and use various features.

    Jet Setting

    You can see your API details from here. These details are associated with Jet.com and provide you a unique identity. These details are necessary for us also . API Details

    Jet return location

    This section contains the details of location from where all the orders will be returned. If customer wants to return the product then he will try to contact on this address. So it is necessary to mention these details very clearly. Return Details


    This section contains the details of payment method you used for complete any order. There are various method of payments like- moneyorder, paypal etc. All the payments method has some integer id. This id would be show in this section. Return Details
    Steps to get the Payment Method ID:
    To get it, log in to your 3dcart store
    1. Go to settings
    2. Then click on Payment.
    Return Details
    3. Click on "Select Payment Method"
    Return Details
    4. If you have already selected any then just hover on Exclude list and if not selected the click on add new.
    Return Details
    5. Select any offline method and then click on Add New.
    Return Details
    6. After adding the payment method, click on Exclude List.
    Return Details
    7. After that you will be able to see the payment method id in the URL of that page.
    Return Details

    Product custom pricing

  • Update Price

    You can update the price of your all products with the help of this feature. There are 2 options available here-

    • Price update in FIXED AMOUNT

      You can add any amount in your all products.
      Just choose the option FIXED AMOUNT and after this put your price there, you want to increase in your all products. Click on SAVE Fixed Price

    • Price update in %age

      If you want to increase price of your products in %age then you can choose this option.
      Just choose the option %age AMOUNT and after this put the %age price you want to increase in all your products. Click on SAVE Percent Price

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